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Pudina Plant

After Using mint leaves, I sowed the mint stems which are strong. It took almost 7 to 8 days to get new fresh leaflets. I am glad to see new leaves. I started using few leaves for my cooking also 🙂 . I used compost which is prepared by me from kitchen waste.

As summer as come Water is getting dried up and making pudina wilted. so thought of doing mulching and added sugar cane bagasse. which improved water saving as well as reduced direct sun light to the soil.

I used potting mix as compost and red soil in 1:1 ratio

What I observe with mint is , once it gets leaflets  it grows very fast. It spreads out the roots and starts the plant from there. so it spreads the container fastly..I like the flavor of the plant…and  I felt more flavor from these leaves as I got it from plant directly and its fresh..fresh…

Mulching with Sugar Cane Bagasse